By Liz Hunter

Events in New Westminster

This calendar lists events offered in New Westminster for families with children ages 0-12.Related: maricopa county court case search, when is the next solar flare 2022, 5 letter word second letter o last letter e, queensbury tip opening times, herbicide mode of action chart 2021, map of logan airport terminal b, shooting in mckeesport pa today, molly yeh farmhouse renovation, dr morse heal all tea australia, laura armstrong goats, jonathan felton tom felton brother, regal cinemas popcorn ingredients, rudi and matt, alabama fish bar batter recipe, bluehost error failed to create wordpress site,Related: list of helicopter crashes in new zealand, woman found dead in car yesterday, seat belts increase chance of survival by what percent, how to introduce yourself as a new executive director, how to fix an umbrella that won’t close, how to calculate action potential frequency, sonoma county building permit checklist, ackworth school alumni, section 211 madison square garden, rulon gardner college wrestling record, 1960 mack truck for sale, peter ratcliffe obituary, danny murphy child actor, most common last names in georgia country, stuffed flank steak in air fryer,Related: internal itching sensation, is the second dose of suprep necessary, ukrainian festival nyc 2022, john forte obituary, 13826417d2d51553473ff11bea96b2aaa1 dodgers 40 man roster 2022, did jeff bezos play sports, ariel miramontes wife, meijer distribution center locations, cardiff university resit policy, best big and tall polo shirts, indoor minigolf bayreuth, japanese curry calories, pacific magazine billing llc phone number, calcifer baby name, xto owner relations phone number,Related: prenajom dodavky roznava, staten island expressway traffic today, houses for sale in lajas puerto rico, recent arrests in paducah, ky, american literature books for 11th grade, christopher pettiet family, guardian angel haamiah in the bible, why did less win the pulitzer prize, revelle pool installation, jeff foxworthy father death, is emirates strategy sustainable why, shindo storm gamemode private server codes, why did imogen waterhouse leave the outpost, does apple cider vinegar affect urine, east tennessee state vs chattanooga prediction,Related: how to take apart pelonis circle fan, nocatee bike accident, channel 2 morning news anchors, spencer haywood net worth, joe getty getting divorced, philadelphia, kensington avenue what happened, north village sparta, nj low income housing, micro wedding package boston, bluey font generator, advantages and disadvantages of high scope curriculum, affordable wedding venues rhode island, tesla equity incentive plan, chemsearch product catalog, charlie taylor obituary, fly fish guanaja plane crash,Related: reset ford escape adaptive transmission, how to disband faction hoi4 console, tulsa remote interview, riverside cemetery kalamazoo plot map, shooting in boston last night, itchy bum cheeks after sweating, sprained wrist still hurts after a year, how do i email jason stoogenke, range to produce optimal number of bubbles, where to find artcc frequencies, thriftbooks warehouse locations, war of the roses radio kdwb, cml practice problems 5th grade, room temperature for 8 week old puppy uk, rent house for unmarried couples in hyderabad,

It’s hard to believe it’s time!

Every year the planting season seems to sneak up on me without any warning. Every year I promise that next year will be different and I’ll get an early start with the gardening by “sowing indoors”. If you pick up any of those egg cartons made out of plastic or have any of those plastic take-out containers, you can use these to get started sowing for the upcoming summer growing season.

I’ve included a link here to the current Farmer’s Almanac for the Vancouver area. If you look through the chart on this page, you can see the appropriate sowing timeframes as well as information about where to start the plants. You can also setup an email planting reminder or print the calendar and pin it on the fridge.

Get started now and reap what you sow!  Farmer’s Almanac Planting Guide

Image by Paul Brennan Public Domain

Clocks have gone back – time for a Road Safety Refresher!

Now that the clocks have been set back and hour, and the slippery, wet weather is upon us, it’s time to think about giving our kids a refresher course on pedestrian safety. ICBC has created a one-pager filled with tips you can use to remind your kids about the importance of being a responsible pedestrian!

Take a moment to review the information below with your kids today!

Road Safety for your Kids

How to Help Create a Smooth Transition to Kindergarten

Article written by Christina Kumar

In just a few short weeks, hundreds of New Westminster children will be taking a big step in  life. They will be starting Kindergarten! Kindergarten is a time of great excitement. It is an opportunity to meet new friends, gain confidence, and clevelop skills. As an elementary school teacher, I often hear from families asking how they can best prepare their child for school. Does their child need to know how to write his name? What do they need to buy? Here are a few tips to help create a smooth transition for yourself and your child.

Practise Life Skills- Children are often nervous to ask for help at the start of the school year . Have your child practise zipping his coat, buttoning his pants, and putting on his shoes before he goes to school. If an article of clothing is too tricky for a child to do independently most of the time, it might be a better home outfit for now. The same advice goes for lunch containers. Encourage your child to practise opening and closing his containers so that he is confident accessing his food. Of course, the teacher will gladly help your child, but do remember that the student to teacher ratio is much higher in Kindergarten than it is in preschool or daycare. This means children could have to be more patient when seeking assistance.

Check with the School Before Purchasing Supplies- Students will need specific supplies for Kindergarten. Before getting too excited about the Back to School Sale signs popping up in stores, check with your school about what your child requires. Some schools will provide a list for you to use. If that is the case, read the list carefully and try to purchase the items selected by the school. The teachers have chosen the items for a reason and having items other than what is on the list could prove problematic. Imagine trying to use liquid glue when a glue stick would be the easier option! Other schools prefer to collect money from families and provide all of the necessary supplies. This method helps ensure that every student has the correct supplies. If either method will be a financial burden on your family, please contact your school to help come up with a solution.

Don’t Stress the Academics- Your child does NOT need to be able to read arid write before entering Kindergarten. They will develop these skills throughout the year and the years to follow. As a parent, the best way to support your child’s academic progress is to provide positive academic experiences. Visit the library together and .have your child select books according to his interests. Encourage your child to develop fine motor skills by playing with lego, drawing, or building puzzles. Remember that Kindergarten is play-based. Their school experience will likely look different than yours did when you were a child, but that does not mean they are not learning.

Talk to Your Child About the Format of the Day- Children thrive off routines and schedules. Starting Kindergarten will likely mean a change in the structure of your child’s day. Talk to your child about what his day will look like. What will he eat for breakfast? Who will take him to school? What will he eat for snack and lunch? Who will be pick him up? When children feel confident with what is going to happen, they experience less anxiety and are better able to interact and learn. If you anticipate your child might feel anxious about being away from home, a family picture in his backpack can often be a soothing comfort.

Be Open with Your Child’s Teacher- The Kindergarten year typically begins with parent­ teacher meetings. You are the expert about your child, and these meetings are an important time for you to share what you know with your child’s teacher. Try to be as open and honest as possible. The teacher is not there to judge your child or family. By relaying important information to the teacher, she will better be able to help your child. For example, if your child still has some bathroom accidents, it is best to Jet the teacher know so that she can remember to check in with your child and encourage him to use the school washroom throughout the day.

Starting Kindergarten can seem a little scary for children and their families. There will be new people, new places, and new experiences. There will often be a period of adjustment at the start of the year, but before you know it your child will gain confidence and you will be the proud family of a school-aged child.