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Summer fitness ideas for kids

Summer is the time of year we get the most inquiries about fitness/activities for kids and it’s not surprising with such amazing weather! (and no school, of course) Here are three of our favourite activities that we incorporate into our youth programs!




  1. Tic-Tac-Toe race


**This one works best with two groups of two-three.


  • To play, start with a tic-tac-toe grid (we use hula hoops but you could also use sidewalk chalk) with markers for each team (five of each colour)
  • Have the two teams stand at the other end of the playing field
  • The two teams will take turns running to the grid, picking up and placing their marker and then running back to tag their next teammate
  • The first to make a tic-tac-toe, wins!


2. Mini Fitness Circuit (station to station)


**Works great in small or large groups

  • To start, set up a number of stations (we like to use four to six), spaced out so there is room to run to each one
  • At each station, have a different physical activity (hula hoops, jump rope, balance beam, etc)
  • Have each kid complete the circuit and tag the next in line

Ways to win:

  • The fastest time; or
  • Break into teams and have the fastest team win


3. Yoga stories


**This can be done in groups, or one-on-one

  • Using yoga cards, a yoga poster (showing poses) or already established knowledge of poses, start a story with the group
  • Go around the circle having each kid add another part to the story
  • Every addition to the story will have a pose that goes with it
  • End in a relaxation pose


*Remember to stay safe and ALWAYS have a supply of fresh water and sun protection if you’re playing in the summer heat!



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