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Super Books

There is something magical and wonderful in the mythos of superheroes. Often reluctant heroes who are thrust into deeds of daring do because of interactions with a radioactive bug of some kind. Or gamma radiation. Or something equally out of this world. I love it when my kid pretends to be a superhero. He wants to save people and defeat the bad guys and fly to the stars. His imagination becomes boundless as does the world around him.

So needless to say, many of our book choices involve superheroes. Here are a few of my favourites. Some familiar, some unexpected but all approachable to boy, girl, man and woman…and even dog. Books that can inspire the tiny hero in all of us.

Tiny Titans -Art Baltazar (series)

The Tiny Titans are the perfect introduction to some of the well known heroes in the DC Universe. But these heroes are in elementary school. Robin, Speedy, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl and my son’s personal favourite, Raven, all make appearances as they go through the day to day adventures of being school aged super kids. Presented in a fun, comic book style.

WARNING: This book contains knock knock jokes.

L’abecedaire des super-heroes Agnes de Lestrade et Cristian Turdera

My son is in French Immersion, but even if he wasn’t, this book would be in our library. The illustrations are beautiful and the superheroes are in every day situations that are, at times, a bit off colour.

WARNING: we laugh at potty jokes in our house.

The Rover Adventures-Roddy Doyle

I love Roddy Doyle. When I discovered that he had written a trilogy of kids books with a super awesome dog as the star, I picked it up. For myself. Before my son was born. Rover doesn’t wear a cape, but he acts like a super hero in all sorts of crazy situations where he is put to the task of saving his family. The mom is also a mountain climber.

WARNING: These are very British Isles-ish books that come with ‘translations’ for those not raised on Upstairs Downstairs and Monty Python. Also, there is a lot of poo.

The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man

Yet another book that was discovered because I love the author. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay is one of my favourite books, and this one is equally marvellous. It has everything a superhero loving kiddo could want-positronic laser beams, squishy slime, bad-guy butt-kicking, a sidekick super dog. And the super identity of Awesome Man? Also amazingly awesome.

WARNING: Encourages your child to try to find out your secret identity.


Ladybug Girl (series)

I do find it frustrating that there are not as many female superheroes in younger kid’s fiction as males. This is a travesty of justice. Thankfully, there is Ladybug Girl. Ladybug Girl uses her imagination to have adventures in her back yard, and soon her friends join her in the guise of Bumblebee Boy and the Bug Squad, and, of course, Bingo the Basset Hound.

WARNING: Encourages the anthropomorphizing of insects.

Captain Underpants (series)

Captain Underpants has become a bit of a bone of contention in our PAC meetings. There are some who do not enjoy the inclusion of Captain Underpants in our library. I however think he is awesome. He’s goofy, approachable and might just encourage those kids who aren’t natural readers to embrace the chapter book. I also love that he is based on a comic book that the author created when he was a kid.

WARNING: We really laugh a lot at potty humour in our house.

The Flying Beaver Brothers (series)

We just discovered the Flying Beaver Brothers in our house. And they. Are. Awesome. Ace and Bub are brothers. One loves extreme sports. One loves napping. Together, they are the Flying Beaver Brothers who thwart evil penguins, bunnies, moles and more. Presented like a graphic novel, this book is one of the most fun we’ve read in ages and it is great for more reluctant readers.

WARNING: This book is best read with silly voices. Especially for Bruce, the nemesis beaver.


Written by Erin Jeffery, local parent and fan of costumes.