Middle Years

The middle childhood years are a pivotal time for children as they deal with

  • changes to their bodies
  • puberty
  • body image
  • peer pressure
  • social insecurity

Children’s’ ability to create positive pathways and their capacity to cope, learn, and develop emotionally, physically, and socially positions them for their adult years.

Creating a Strategy for Success

To support the healthy growth of children in New Westminster, the New Westminster Middle Childhood Committee (NW MCC) has developed a plan to focus attention on the middle childhood years and to offer strategies based on the needs, assets and capacity of children, their parents and local service providers.

The plan is family-centred and based on a comprehensive process that gathered information1 from students in Grades 5 to 7 (212 surveys), teachers and service providers (99 surveys and a workshop with service providers), parents (70 surveys), school staff (36 surveys) and a workshop with Grade 12 students.

The following documents are available regarding the forum:

The Committee is very excited with this plan and trust that it will guide us and our work with the community for the next several years.

Some other resources that you would find useful:

For more information contact us at info@kidsnewwest.ca.