A New Westminster Community Project

What is “Understanding the Early Years” (UEY)?

Understanding the Early Years (UEY) was a three-year project designed to support children and families: to raise community awareness about the importance of the early years and to provide local research to help us understand the needs of our young children.

We conducted research, produced products, developed a website, held family neighbourhood events and wrote a Children’s Charter for New Westminster.

Information Gathering

UEY collected information from Kindergarten children, their parents and Kindergarten teachers. We found out how young children are doing in New West, where families live, and the languages they speak. We also collected information about existing local programs that support children and families.

(Check out the maps, research summaries and the Community Report that give a glimpse of the lives of children in New Westminster.)

With this information we are learning what we do well as a community, and what we could do better to best support families and help improve the development of young children

Communities Make  Difference

Neighbourhoods that support families can affect children’s development. We want to make New West a better place for children to live and grow. We will all benefit.

If you are interested in creating a vibrant and supportive community for young children and their families, please contact us at info@kidsnewwest.ca

We know:

  • Warm and loving parents and caregivers who nurture their children, talk to them, and comfort them give their children the best start in life. during the first five years lasts a lifetime.
  • The neighbourhoods where children grow also play an important role in a child’s healthy development.
  • Communities make a difference! 

The Understanding the Early Years Initiative is funded by Human Resources and Social Development Canada. For further information, visit www.hrsdc.gc.ca.