“The Board of Education of School District No. 40 (New Westminster) is committed to ensuring that learners become self-assured, self-sufficient, caring, wise, flexible, and able to live successfully in an ever-changing environment.”

School District No. 40 is a medium sized school district, provincially, and a microcosm of the large, urban school districts surrounding it in the Lower Mainland (Greater Vancouver). The District is growing modestly and has approximately 6,700 students in Kindergarten to grade 12.

Currently, there are twelve schools in the District (eight elementary, three middle [as of 2016] and one secondary school), two Adult Learning Centres (ALCs), three Youth Alternate programs, and a Home Learners program that also has a satellite program on Bowen Island.

The student population is reflective of the City’s population with a full range of social and cultural backgrounds that combine to form a rich and diverse presence in the schools.

For more information on School District No. 40 please visit the District website.
A complete listing of schools with the corresponding school websites can also be found here.

Early Learning

The Board of Education of School District No. 40 (New Westminster), is strongly committed to Early Childhood Development and Learning, and the development of quality early intervention and prevention services for children and families to ensure that children arrive at school ready to learn.

Working with HELP
School District No. 40 partners with the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) at UBC in the implementation of the Early Development Instrument (EDI). The resulting EDI maps provided a snapshot of the vulnerability of children in neighbourhoods throughout the City, and heightened awareness at both the school district and the community level of the importance of Early Childhood Development, and the necessity to develop polices and programs that support children and families.

Kids New West Child Development Committee
School District No. 40 has been actively involved in the Kids New West Child Development Committee (and its predecessor the New Westminster Early Childhood Development Committee) since its inception, and participated in the planning process that led to the development and updating of the Kids New West Strategic Plan 2015-2019.

The District completed a visioning process that led to the development of a District Early Learning Vision and through the Community District Literacy Planning Sessions also created a visual depiction of Early Learning in New Westminster.

School District No. 40 currently has the following early learning programs:

StrongStart Early Learning Centres
StrongStart Early Learning Centres are free, drop-in centres for pre-school children 0 to 5 and their parents or caregiver. Qualified early childhood educators facilitate learning activities like story time, music and art to help children get ready for kindergarten. Parents and caregivers are provided with an opportunity to discover new ways to support their children’s learning at home, and make valuable connections to both the school and community.

School District No. 40 now has three StrongStart Early Learning Centres: Queensborough Middle School in Queensborough, Richard McBride Community School, and one at Connaught Heights Elementary School.

School District No. 40’s Early Learning Advisory Committee will oversee the development and growth of this and potentially other StrongStart Early Learning Centres in the District.

Ready, Set, Learn
Each year families and their three years olds are invited to their neighbourhood school to attend a fun-filled Ready, Set, Learn event, and meet school staff and a wide variety of community service providers.

Families receive an age appropriate book for the child, a parent/family kit with a booklet that contains helpful tips for supporting their preschooler’s learning and development, and additional information about school and community programming and resources.

The Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the Ministry of Children and Family Development and the Ministry of Health supports Ready Set Learn throughout the province. Watch the local newspapers in January and February or visit the School District No. 40 website for this year’s Ready, Set, Learn dates and times.

Welcome to Kindergarten
You and your child should also attend a Welcome to Kindergarten session at your neighbourhood school.  In May and June of every year, families of children registered to attend kindergarten in September are invited to neighbourhood schools for a family orientation session. Families tour the school and meet a variety of school-based staff and local community service providers.  Each family receives a Welcome to Kindergarten resource bag and is then provided with an opportunity to work hands-on with the resources in the bags.  Watch the District website and the local newspapers in May for the Welcome to Kindergarten dates and times at your neighbourhood school.

Preparing your Child for Kindergarten

Is your child going to Kindergarten? Then you should read Preparing to Register and Getting Ready – Helpful Skills.

Supports for Children with Additional Needs

School District No. 40 contact: Chris Nicholson
District Administrator, Student Services Phone: 604.517.6369
E-mail: cnicholson@sd40.bc.ca

Transition to Kindergarten
School District No. 40 in collaboration with Supported Child Development (Simon Fraser Society for Community Living) and BC Centre for Ability has produced a Transition to Kindergarten Handbook to guide parents of children with special needs in their transition to Kindergarten.

Parents may be invited to a special intake meeting before Kindergarten so that appropriate support plans are in place prior to the new school year.

Multicultural Services and Supports

School District No. 40 contact: Belinda Scott, Vice-Principal Learning Services
Phone: 604.517.6111
E-mail: bscott@sd40.bc.ca

For information on the supports and services available for families with children in kindergarten to grade 12 through the Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS) program, please visit Mosaic who provide settlement services in New Westminster Schools.

Aboriginal Services and Supports

School District No. 40 contact: Bertha Lansdowne District Coordinator – Aboriginal Education
Phone: 604.517.6316
E-mail: blansdow@sd40.bc.ca

For information on the supports and services available for aboriginal families with children in kindergarten to grade 12 please view the SD No. 40 Aboriginal Education brochure.