(For children who have a delay, disability or may require extra support)

New Westminster has many services to offer children, who have a developmental delay, disability or require extra support, and their families.

As a community we do our best to offer services that are inclusive in nature and where all children, regardless of their individual needs are welcome in neighbourhood settings.

Children with all types and levels of disability benefit from participating in social and developmental experiences with their friends, families and peers.

An inclusive community program strives to find ways to include all children and remove barriers that prevent children from actively participating. It means that children with disabilities go to the same places and have the same opportunities to participate as their peers.

This section of the website will evolve over time and will provide links to services within New Westminster that can provide support, assistance or services for families who have a child with a disability, developmental delay or who may need extra support.

Current research has identified that between 5 and 20% of children require some level of extra support to participate fully in community based programs.

According to the Canadian Institute of Child Health 7.7% of Canadian children and youth have disabilities as identified in the National Population Health Survey completed in 1996-1997.
(Children with Disabilities and Their Families in Canada, Louise Hanvey, 2002)

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