By Sarah Gillis

Our own take on Summer Treats!

I don’t know if I’m the only parent who feels this way but this summer has been super tough to try and limit treats for my almost 4 year old son. From ice cream at the park to s’mores while camping, it always seems he’s snacking on something sweet and full of sugar. Now I’m not a huge stickler when it comes to giving him treats here and there, but it was getting out of control! So we came up with a few healthy options which he still thinks are treats and I feel okay giving him!

The biggest one we have started doing is making our own ‘yogurt pops’ (our name for them at least!). We basically just put any flavour yogurt into Popsicle molds and then stick them in the freezer. Simple as that and he LOVES them!! Sometimes I even let him throw a chocolate chip in each before they head into the freezer!

Another one we enjoy (my husband and I might enjoy it more than our son) is fruit dipped in yogurt, particularly caramel Greek yogurt. It is seriously amazing!

We have also started making our own sorbet with our blender! Pick out our fresh fruit and whip it up! Pure deliciousness!!

And then of course taking advantage of all the fresh berries we make a ton of yogurt parfaits complete with berries and granola.

These aren’t necessarily as exciting as going out for a special treat but my son does get excited for these! And I feel better making these healthier options and in turn don’t feel as guilty indulging in special treats every now and then!

Summer Bucket List

latesummer2014 037

Now that school is out and summer is in full swing…. I decided to do something fun with my oldest to help make the most of our summer! Having a very energetic 3 1/2 year old and a 5 month old who I’m sure will be just as full as energy as his brother, we need to get outside often! So the idea of making a Summer Bucket List sounded like a great idea! I had seen the idea on pinterest a while ago and  figured he is old enough to help create one with me! So I grabbed a poster board, some markers and stickers and away we went!  I did have to prompt my son a bit, but I’m sure older kids will have no trouble coming up with ideas!

We decided to do the poster and put it up in our kitchen so we can easily see it and keep track; my sister in law did it with popsicle sticks in a jar and they just pick one as they go along! You really can do it however you want!! And the best part is you don’t have to be overly crafty to do it!! You just have to come up with ideas to make Summer 2015 a memorable one!

Our bucket list includes: go to a spray park, visit the petting zoo, go to science world, go to the aquarium, go to the zoo, watch fireworks, go for a hike, go camping, go for ice cream, go to a movie in the park, go to the beach, have a picnic for supper etc. We haven’t had it up for 2 weeks yet and we already have 8 checked off! Seeing the excitement on my son’s face when he checks it off is just priceless!

How lucky are we to live in such an amazing place where we can experience these things in our own backyard or on a day trip?!? More than half of the items on our list can be done in New West which is just another reason why I love this city so much!