Something that I love about parenting is listening to the ridiculous things that come out of a child’s mouth. I can’t get enough of those little slips of tongue and those completely silly responses. I’m terrible at writing downs things that I want to remember, I’ve made a big mistake in thinking that my memory will serve me in any way. Occasionally I remember to text things to myself if I really want to remember that moment later. Here are a few of my random collection; the most memorable things can come out of random moments.

Don’t worry, I’ll land on my feet.” That’s classic Sullivan speak. The boy has been a thoughtful little daredevil his whole life!

Can I have a sip? Just so I can see what the bubbles tell me to do?”

Good thing I don’t have any problem with cake!”

I loooooooooooooooooooooove……..TO EAT!”

One word – “Tormado” I believe the sentence was “Can a tormado break down a building?”

You can tell that I’m not done evolving because I still swing from branches.”

Can you take out your teeth and feed them to me for dinner?” Chances are that if I went through the trouble, he wouldn’t eat them anyway!

Gluten free trees are real

And post-meltdown “I actually kinda like freaking out.” …lucky, lucky me…

I’d love to hear some of the funnies that keep you giggling with your kids!