How are New West Five -Year-Olds Growing?


Growing Up Great in New West!
Growing Up Great in New West!

The Human Early Learning Partnership at UBC has released the new EDI results for Wave 5. These maps and community summaries include data from over 42,000 EDI surveys completed by Kindergarten teachers across British Columbia in 2011-2013. EDI maps and community summaries are valuable tools that provide insights into children’s physical health and well-being, communication skills, language and cognitive skills, emotional maturity, and social competence.

The New Westminster School District (40) has participated in all 5 waves of EDI data collection. Wave 5 results were collected in 2011/12-2012/13 from 9 schools in 6 neighbourhood(s). A total of 452 kindergarten children participated in New Westminster in Wave 5. EDI results are mapped based on children’s neighbourhood of residence, not where they go to school.

Overall, New Westminster had a vulnerability rate of 33% compared to the provincial vulnerability rate of 32.5%.

District wide, vulnerability was highest on the Social Competence scale at: 16%. Child vulnerability was lowest on the Language & Cognitive Development scale at: 10%.

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New Westminster Community Summary:

New Westminster Wave 5 Map sets:

Interactive Map, showing EDI results over ten years: