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Emotional Support for Mom creates positive outcomes for kids

Is there someone in your life that you can turn to for day-to-day emotional help with parenthood? It’s a question that may not seem that important, but as proved by a recent large-scale US study, having support with the challenges of parenting plays an important role not just for parents emotional health, but also for children’s development.

Recently, researchers in the US posed this question to more than 67,000 parents of tween and teen children.  Then they asked those parents about their children’s behaviours, social competence, and level of engagement at school. Their findings?  Children and adolescents have better social and behavioral outcomes when mothers have emotional support with childrearing challenges.

The study, published this month in Child Trends, notes that mothers who receive emotional support:
    *    are less likely to experience stress
    *    are more likely to demonstrate confidence in their parenting
    *    are more likely to be well-adjusted
    *    are more likely to employ effective discipline strategies.
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